November 18, 2013

SuperTuxKart 0.8.1 RC1

We are pleased to finally announce the first release candidate for version 0.8.1. Major changes are:

     * New track "STK Enterprise"
     * Updated tracks "The Old Mines", "Lighthouse", "Zen Garden"
     * New Soccer mode
     * New Egg Hunt mode
     * New karts Xue and Sara
     * Updated Beastie kart
     * Wiimote support
     * Added tutorial
     * Added new "SuperTux" difficulty
     * New bubblegum shield weapon
     * New speedometer and nitro meter
     * Add ability to filter addons
     * Updated nitro models
     * Add ability to save and resume Grand Prix
     * Improved skid marks and nitro effects

Obligatory screenie: Old Mine got more shiny!
You can find binaries for Windows and MacOSX over at
We will try to get a Linux static binary as soon as possible
We now have a Linux static binary as well, but in case this doesn't work for you, you can compile the source package yourself. Note that we now use CMake instead of autotools, so be sure to follow the instructions on our wiki.
Also worth mentioning is that while we now have Wiimote support for most such devices around, one specific model is not working yet and hopefully we'll be able to fix that sometime later. See details for that and how to connect your Wiimote over at
That should be all, please help us test and give feedback especially if you notice any problems. Enjoy!


  1. Is there any possibility to launch a version of STK for Nintendo Wii (Wii U).

    1. None of us owns a Wii U; also I know that Nintendo is vetting their applications a lot and I am not sure if we could be construed as a direct competitor to their own MarioKart 8 game.

      Then there's the issue that most console manufacturers charge for a license to develop for their platform - not sure how Nintendo does it.
      Last, but not least, we would need to check if their "app store" terms is compatible with our license terms.

      So yeah, maybe not impossible but unfortunately very unlikely.

    2. Maybe for the Wii, someone could try to port it as homebrewed game.

    3. What about a port to OUYA. Give it some console love just like Open Arena has. That would be fantastic. Get rid of the Wii remote embrace the OUYA...

  2. Really looking forward for all the new features and updated tracks.

  3. It doesn't work I try it with my window xp professional and it doesn't work

    1. They recently added a build for Windows XP:

      I love the fact that the Development Team is still considering people like us.

    2. Yes we discovered after the fact that it was not working on Windows XP anymore due to new versions of Microsoft's redistributable not working on XP so we put the one from 0.8 in as a quick fix. So 0.8.1 will still be released for XP but we can't promise to keep support for longer. We might do another release with XP support but that will in case be the last one.

  4. I love it! Thanks very much, you are awesome!

  5. Great update! It makes me want to hope that LAN games are possible.

    I played it casually testing the Bubblegum Shield, and there are only 2 things I want to suggest:
    1. Shield explodes on Kart you made contact with. Yeah, I've seen some suggestions about ALL the Karts nearby, too.
    2. An option to pop the Bubble Shield myself. For me, that's better than by looking backwards to plant the Sticky Gum.

    Overall, though, I can't wait for this release!

    1. Oh yeah! And the Tutorial did me an abrupt and unexpected ending.

      When I reach the finish line, it should first ask me something like:
      "You've finished the course. Do you want to keep practicing?"

    2. Thanks for your suggestions - we will not do any changes with respect to that for 0.8.1 but perhaps later. I like the suggestion of letting people keep practising in the same track without other karts.

  6. Nice update - but SuperTuxKart still has resolution problems with retina MacBook Pro. The maximum I can run is 1680x1050, either windowed or fullscreen. Using fullscreen, after exiting I find my desktop icon positions shifted for the smaller resolution. (minor problem but still annoying)

    I'd like to be able to run either in the native 2880x1800 or the rescaled "looks like" 1920x1200.

    Another minor bug: when running in windowed mode, closing the game with the window close gadget sometimes causes a crash.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I am afraid we won't fix this for 0.8.1 since none of us has Retina screens and it's unsure whether this is a bug in the game or with the 3D engine we're using. Hopefully we can find a fix for this sometime after the release.

    2. As long as it's fixed eventually, I don't mind waiting. I just found a utility to switch to native 2880x1880 and when I do, I can select that resolution in SuperTuxKart - and it looks awesome.

      It's probably just a minor fix, requiring minimal code.

  7. Good work. (for all version/release)
    In the egg hunt mode, I have seen 2 problems (dont find them in forum )
    - The time when finished is wrong : Ex. in classroom, 49'' become 2'52''
    - There is 5 tracks availables, but we can click on a grand prix (included tracks not in the five previous)

    Best Regards,

    1. I fixed these issues in trunk. I hope it will be included to 0.8.1. Thanks :)

  8. Feature suggestion - give different karts different physics (ex. acceleration, top speed, handling, skidding, collisions ... )

    1. Yes this is definitely planned, and hopefully we'll get to do that for 0.8.2. No promises though, as we often change things around based on how far other features have come.

  9. Final version release date?
    Thanx for this great game

  10. The new mines track looks great - but it's too dark. It would be awesome if there was some way to have headlights on the karts.

    1. Thanks for your feedback - I can try to fix this if I get time before the release. Headlights for karts - not sure if that makes sense since go-karts don't tend to have lighting. But go-karts don't tend to have animals driving them so there's that. ;)

  11. Nice Work, but the updated tracks are too detailed for my Macbook , so it is very slow.
    Will in the final Release be another graphics switch for detailed or oldschool track versions , or a optional Package as Upgrade?
    Because STK was always my favourite game , because it runs very well.

    1. Have you tried reducing the graphical effect level in the settings?

  12. This game is very nice the tracks, everything so i was thinking the final release will got dynamic shadows because I love that.

    P.S. Old mines is amazing.

  13. Thank you ! Will try....

  14. Not sure if it is on purpose, are you aware that in while playing Penguin Playground in the first race some cars fall off the ramp on purpose?

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